High purity medical-grade collagen extraction technology

Life Fusion Inc. is located at the Southern Taiwan Science Park and is dedicated to the extraction and application development of non-denatured collagen protein. Our core technologies are “high-purity biomedical grade collagen extraction and “decellularized dermal tissue.” The high-purity biomedical grade collagen extraction technology is applied to the fields of “medical devices,” “premium cosmetic care” and “health supplements.” The decellularized dermis tissue technology is applied to the fields of “medical devices” and “tissue regenerative medicine.”

Characteristics of Collagen:

  1. 01Collagen makes up about 25~35% of the total proteins in the human body.
    It is the most abundant protein in the animal body, binding tissues together in animal cells and plays a critical role in dermal tissue elasticity and wound recovery.
  2. 02Collagen has high bio-compatibility and low immune rejection.
    For biomedical grade collagen to be precisely applied in the fields of advanced medicine and biotechnology, it must maintain good biological recognition and bio-compatibility by preserving its functional triple-helix structure.

Features of "decellularized dermal tissue":

  1. 01The host’s cells are removed with unique de-cellularization techniques, while preserving the physical structure and appropriate mechanical strength of the dermal tissue. De-cellularized dermis can be applied in the field of regenerative medicine by acting as an extracellular matrix. Replacing traditional implant-based treatments with autologous regeneration.

Using specialized critical technology, Life Fusion Inc. is able to produce highly-purified collagen in mass quantities, which greatly improve the applicability of this premium raw material. We also continuously develop collagen sourced from different species, such as porcine dermis, chicken keel cartilage and fish scales. Aside from expanding the application of the critical technology on different extraction sources, we are also exploring more ways to apply non-denatured collagen, such as developing better raw materials and products for the fields of functional health supplements and premium cosmetics and skin care.

ISO13485 certification
Obtained the US FDA issued
Medical Device License